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(March 14th, 2013) - The EVOLUTION of Captchas - AKA proving to a COMPUTER that you are human

(September 14th, 2011) - If you EVER feel depressed, imagine what it must feel like to be a COW!

(September 12th, 2011) - The Irony! Plenty of Time, but no money! Vs Plenty of Money, but no time!

(September 11th, 2011) - How Dating in the Movies is different from Dating in Real Life

(September 7th, 2011) - You Know It's Time to Stop Going to the All-You-Can Eat Buffet When...

(August 28th, 2011) - Guys and Girls, Same Language, Different Meaning

(August 26th, 2011) - The Difference Between Guys and Girls at a "Boy Band" Concert!

(August 24th, 2011) - The Life of a Cartoonist

(August 22nd, 2011) - Working At Home -- What your Boss THINKS you are doing... AND... What you are ACTUALLY doing!

(August 21st, 2011) - How to get rid of your annoying cell phone plan -- the "Right" Way!

(February 14th, 2010) - Olympics in CANADA! 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010

(February 12th, 2010) - Man and dogs -- why they are best friends -- they understand each other!

(October 10th, 2008) - Dogs - big dogs, small dogs, great dogs jumping up on you!

(October 5th, 2008) - Installation Problems -- XP-Vista-Windows Install Problems

(October 4th, 2008) - Urinals, Stainless Urinals, Washrooms and using urinals

(September 28th, 2008) - University girls, babe girls

(September 27th, 2008) - Liberal arts job opportunities with a degree in liberal arts

(September 25th, 2008) - Honeybee, bumblebee and bee colony hives and bee shortages

(September 24th, 2008) - Global warming effects - what causes global warming - and how to stop global warming

(September 22nd, 2008) - How to date a girl successfully and get her to like you

(September 11th, 2008) - Credit cards, and uses for credit card points

(September 8th, 2008) - Poker addiction - causes of poker addiction

(September 7th, 2008) - How to break up with a younger girl and and an older woman

(September 7th, 2008) - How to date a young girl versus dating an older woman

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